LPT Panic As Revenue Push Deadline to Friday

January 7, 2015

Revenue have just announced that today’s Local Property Tax (LPT) deadline has been extended to 4pm on this Friday, 9 January.

It seems the deadline is  causing quite a degree of panic among the public.

The Revenue LPT helpline has received 80,000 calls since Monday, and Revenue are now receiving almost 8,000 payment notifications per hour.

Now, who had the bright idea of having a tax deadline so soon after Christmas?

Smart guy

Here’s more on the LPT deadline.

If you’d like a professional to file your LPT payment notification, call us at +353 (0)49-8549966 before Friday.

Alternatively email tax@mcgibney.com with your phone number & we’ll call you.

Tomorrow is 2015 LPT Deadline Day

January 6, 2015

Tomorrow, 7 January, is the deadline for paying your 2015 Local Property Tax (LPT) bill for 2015.

Tomorrow is also the deadline if you wish to commit to pay your LPT by automatic debit from your bank account, or Single Debit Authority.

Under this method, your payment will be deducted from your bank account on 21 March 2015.

The simplest and easiest way to pay your LPT is online.

Revenue LPT Online screen 2015

To do this, you will need your PPS number, along with your Property ID and PIN.

You can locate your Property ID and PIN on the LPT reminder you should have received from Revenue in October, or on your LPT records from last year.

Once you’ve logged in, the process of paying your LPT is very straightforward, and should take you no longer than 5 minutes.

The deadline for paying LPT on a phased basis for 2015 has now passed, and this option is no longer available.

The Revenue website contains a wealth of information and advice on all aspects of Local Property Tax.

Property Tax Arrears – Last Chance on 31 March

March 24, 2014

If you have any outstanding Local Property Tax or Household Charge arrears, you have a final opportunity to settle these by next Monday, 31 March in order to avoid interest or penalties.

From Tuesday 1 April, Revenue will launch a fresh nationwide compliance programme, aiming to collect as much of the outstanding property tax amounts as they can. LPT Local Property Tax Arrears Deadline

This will include:

  • The imposition of interest charges on outstanding arrears.
  • Mandatory deduction of unpaid Household Charge bills from wages and occupational pensions
  • Withholding of tax clearance certificates from defaulters.
  • Debt collection, Sheriff & other enforcement, in selected cases.

For more, including detailed instructions on how to pay LPT & Household Charge arrears, see the Revenue LPT page and last week’s Revenue Press Release.

It’s D-Day for Local Property Tax Payment!

March 21, 2014

Today, 21 March, is the payment date for your Local Property Tax (LPT) payment, if you previously opted to pay your 2014 LPT  by Single Debit Authority.

Local Property Tax LPT

If you are in this category, the LPT liability amount will be debited from your account today, or after the weekend.

For more on LPT, see the Revenue website.

Time to Scrap Tax Clearance Certs?

June 26, 2013

Revenue have this morning confirmed that from next Monday, 1 July, Tax Clearance Certs will not issue to taxpayers who have failed to pay the 2012 Household Charge.

From next Monday, all unpaid Household Charge bills become Local Property Tax (LPT) liabilities and are then collectable by Revenue.

While we can’t blame Revenue for doing all they can to collect outstanding Household Charge and LPT bills, its unfortunate that the conditions for obtaining a Tax Clearance Cert are becoming more and more onerous and bureaucratic – so much so that their original function has been almost forgotten.

Time to Scrap Tax Clearance Certs?

Tax Clearance Certs were introduced in the 1980s as a measure to combat blatant and widespread tax evasion. In those days, it was common practice for individuals and firms to dodge tax on State contracts and income.

The requirement to produce a Tax Clearance Cert quickly forced these cowboy operators to clean up their act. It was very successful in doing so and helped greatly in cleaning up tax evasion in that era.

However we have since learned that having a certificate is no guarantee of tax compliance and probity.

Successive high-profile scandals exposed countless politicians and business people who had blatantly evaded tax while holding tax clearance certs.

Indeed ex-TD Michael Collins was prosecuted and found guilty of obtaining a tax clearance certificate under false pretences, by falsely claiming to be tax compliant.

Mr Collins had in the meantime admitted to owning a bogus non-resident account, and later made a substantial tax arrears settlement with Revenue.

The Collins case demonstrates the futility of using tax clearance certs as a tool to combat wilful evasion. In fact they have become little more than a bureaucratic box-ticking exercise.

If your tax record is clear on a specific day, your certificate will issue. On the other hand, a tiny residual tax balance, an unpaid Household Charge bill, or a mislaid tax return will block its granting.

There is no allowance for materiality or overall compliance. And no sanction for persistent late filing of VAT, PAYE/PRSI or Income Tax returns, once the wrongdoer can contrive to regularise their tax position in the nick of time to ensure their certificate is renewed.

Worse still, those remaining cowboys who nowadays abuse the tax system, in a far more sophisticated and elaborate manner than their 1980s counterparts, still find the tax clearance cert system only a minor obstacle to their crimes.

I believe that the time has come to rethink the whole logic behind tax clearance certs, and devise a better system to police and reward tax compliance.

Todays’s Revenue eBrief is here.

Property Tax: Revenue 6 Councils 0

June 12, 2013

The latest Revenue Local Property Tax figures confirm that they have now received over 1.55 million returns from property owners.

The exact number of properties liable for the charge is unclear, but Revenue issued 1.66 million LPT notifications for the new tax.

We can safely assume the total number of liable properties is somewhat higher, as some property owners didn’t receive any notifications.

If we estimate a total pool of 1.7 million properties, this means that at least 90% of liable properties have been registered for the LPT.
Local Property Tax LPTBy anyone’s reckoning, this is a very successful outcome for Revenue, and is a stark contrast to the local authorities’ bungling in collecting the 2011 Household Charge.

Revenue’s success clearly vindicates the government decision to entrust them, and not the local councils, with the administration of the new property tax.

Isn’t it ironic though that the State needs its central tax authority to efficiently collect what is supposed to be a Local Property Tax?

Still Time to Avoid Local Property Tax Penalties

June 10, 2013

If you missed the recent Local Property Tax (LPT) deadline, there is still time to avoid interest and penalties on late registration and payment.

Revenue have confirmed that you can still file your Return (via paper form  or online) before 1 July without incurring any interest or penalties (see here if the link fails, or is unclear).

However, it is important to do act quickly. If you delay, Revenue may in the meantime seek to have the tax deducted directly from your wages or occupational pension.

Local Property Tax

The Revenue LPT helpline remains open at  1890- 200255.  If, like me,  you don’t like overpaying for 1890 phone calls, you can call 01-7023049 instead.