Property Tax: Revenue 6 Councils 0

The latest Revenue Local Property Tax figures confirm that they have now received over 1.55 million returns from property owners.

The exact number of properties liable for the charge is unclear, but Revenue issued 1.66 million LPT notifications for the new tax.

We can safely assume the total number of liable properties is somewhat higher, as some property owners didn’t receive any notifications.

If we estimate a total pool of 1.7 million properties, this means that at least 90% of liable properties have been registered for the LPT.
Local Property Tax LPTBy anyone’s reckoning, this is a very successful outcome for Revenue, and is a stark contrast to the local authorities’ bungling in collecting the 2011 Household Charge.

Revenue’s success clearly vindicates the government decision to entrust them, and not the local councils, with the administration of the new property tax.

Isn’t it ironic though that the State needs its central tax authority to efficiently collect what is supposed to be a Local Property Tax?