Property Tax Arrears – Last Chance on 31 March

If you have any outstanding Local Property Tax or Household Charge arrears, you have a final opportunity to settle these by next Monday, 31 March in order to avoid interest or penalties.

From Tuesday 1 April, Revenue will launch a fresh nationwide compliance programme, aiming to collect as much of the outstanding property tax amounts as they can. LPT Local Property Tax Arrears Deadline

This will include:

  • The imposition of interest charges on outstanding arrears.
  • Mandatory deduction of unpaid Household Charge bills from wages and occupational pensions
  • Withholding of tax clearance certificates from defaulters.
  • Debt collection, Sheriff & other enforcement, in selected cases.

For more, including detailed instructions on how to pay LPT & Household Charge arrears, see the Revenue LPT page and last week’s Revenue Press Release.


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