Your Tax Return

We can take the stress and worry out of your tax return.

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys completing a tax return.

Thankfully we can help you escape the stress and tedium, and make the entire process as simple and streamlined as possible for you.

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Your Income Tax Return

If you are self-assessed for Income Tax, you will need to file an Income Tax Return by 31 October each year.

Don’t worry if your return is complicated or if you don’t fully understand your income or allowances and tax credits.

We will work with you to resolve all your queries and then calculate your tax position for the year, complete your tax return and schedules and present them to you for approval and signature.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we will then file your return with Revenue.

Once Revenue process your return, they will issue an assessment to you based on your tax return. We will check this for you and ensure that your income, allowances and credits are all stated correctly.

If any figures are omitted or if there are any other loose ends, don’t worry, we will contact Revenue and resolve these for you.

Your PAYE Refund Claim

If you’re a PAYE worker or pensioner, you may wish to file an Income Tax return, claim a Tax Refund, or correct tax credits or allowances.

It is possible to make late claims for refunds for up to four years. We can review your existing tax record for past years and submit to Revenue, your claims for additional credits and allowances. If a query arises, you can relax! We will contact Revenue and resolve it for you.