Your Company 

As a company director, it’s your responsibility to keep your company accounts and returns fully up to date.

It is vital that you and your company adhere to your obligations under the Companies Acts.

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A simple mistake or omission can cost you dearly, both in CRO late filing fees and in the loss of audit exemption.

In addition it is vital that you and your company are both aware of, and comply with, your obligations under the Companies Acts.

Certain breaches may constitute indictable criminal offences, and may be subject to mandatory reporting to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE).

Our expert Company Secretarial and administration services will help you to eliminate these headaches:

  1. We will track your CRO Annual Return Date each year, to ensure that no deadline is missed.
  2. We will notify you of each upcoming deadline and prepare each return on time, once you have provided us with the information we need.
  3. We will ensure that all changes relating to the company, its directors, and its shareholders, are properly recorded on the CRO database.
  4. We will continually review your company’s eligibility for audit exemption and ensure, where possible, that you continue to avail of it.
  5. We ensure that the content and formatting of your company Accounts comply with the Companies Acts and reflect well on your company.
  6. We will supply you each year with minutes of your company AGM, in compliance with the Companies Act 2014.
  7. Where we identify any potential problems with your books, records or accounts that may involve a breach of legislation, we will bring these matters to your attention as early as possible.

Company Formation

If you are considering forming a new company, we can first advise you on whether you need a company in the first instance – bear in mind that many people go through the time and expense of forming companies only to later regret doing so.

If you’ve already decided to form a company, our expert Company Formation service means that you can form your company without worrying about the formalities of doing so – we look after all these for you.

For advice on any company secretarial or administration issue, or for advice on company formation, contact us now.