Final Reminder: NPPR Deadline is this Saturday

Just a final, gentle reminder that the deadline for paying the NPPR charge on second-properties for 2012 is midnight, this Saturday, 30 June.

If you’re liable, and you don’t pay by Saturday, your €200 charge increases automatically to €220, and by a further €20 per month until the full liability is cleared.

Seanie Fitzpatrick and Anglo Irish Bank may have done some terrible things in their time but I don’t think that they ever tried to charge anyone a 10% per month interest rate.

NPPR €200 Property Charge

Almost uniquely, the NPPR charge is payable regardless of one’s economic circumstances, and the very narrow range of exemptions doesn’t include people on low incomes or others who simply can’t afford to pay. Once again, Establishment Ireland assumes that, if you own a property but don’t live in it, you must be rich. Needless to say, the opposite is true in many cases.

You can pay the NPPR charge online at  If you’re confused, follow my previous instructions.