16 November 2022 ROS Pay & File Tax Deadline confirmed

Revenue have recently confirmed an extension to this year’s Pay & File deadline for online tax returns from 31 October to Wednesday 16 November 2022.

To qualify for the extended deadline, you must, by 16 November next

1.       file your 2021 Form 11 Income Tax return online using the ROS system.

2.       make your ‘Pay & File’ payment via ROS, to cover:

•        your Preliminary Tax for 2022;  and

•        your balance of Income Tax owing for 2021

 The extension only applies, if:

•        you file your Form 11 tax return on ROS; and

•        you use ROS to make the required Income Tax payment.

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT)

Revenue have also confirmed that if you receive(d) a gift or inheritance in the year ended 31 August 2022 your Pay & File due date is also extended to Wednesday 16 November 2022, if you do so through ROS. Otherwise the normal 31 October 2022 deadline will apply.

Capital Gains Tax

The Revenue eBrief announcing these arrangements makes no mention of any extension to the Capital Gains Tax return filing deadline of 31 October 2022.  If you are are self-assessed for Income Tax, you must file your 2021 Capital Gains tax return as part of your 2021 Form 11 Income Tax Return.

As was the case in previous years, I expect that the deadline for such ROS-filed returns should now extend to 16 November. You should double-check this in advance of 31 October if this is likely to directly affect you.

On the other hand, if you pay all your taxes under the PAYE system, and had a Capital Gain in 2021, you must file a Form CG1 Capital Gains Tax return by 31 October 2022. The later deadline does not apply to you.

Pension Payments

For a number of years now, the later ROS filing deadline has also applied for backdated tax relief on RAC, AVC and PRSA pension payments.

Today’s Revenue eBrief does not mention this particular issue although I expect that the 16 November deadline will also extend to such payments, if you pay & file via ROS by that date

If you are considering making a pension payment next November and wish to claim the tax relief against your 2021 liability, you should first double-check that the extended deadline applies to pension payments.

Unless you are 100% certain, it is safer to work on the assumption that the previous 31 October deadline applies, and to make any your qualifying pension payment by 31 October.

The Revenue eBrief containing this announcement is here.