Revenue Scrap Their Secure eMail system

Revenue have today announced that they are withdrawing their Secure eMail facility.

The Secure eMail system was designed to provide Revenue “customers” with a safer web-based alternative to conventional email when communicating with the tax authority.

However, I found it to be slow, unreliable and cumbersome, and gave up using it some years ago, preferring the Luddite option of sending letters by post. The worst thing about it was its inability to reliably keep copies of mails previously sent to Revenue.

Revenue Secure Email

It seems I wasn’t alone in this, as many of my fellow accountants reported similar dissatisfaction with the system.

On 13 June next, Revenue will unveil its replacement, which will be called ‘MyEnquiries’. This will be accessible from the website.

It remains to be seen if MyEnquiries will be a big improvement on Secure eMail.

If it works well, it has massive potential to transform Revenue correspondence, much of which is still conveyed by post.

Let’s hope it fulfills its promise.

 The Revenue announcement is here.