Charlie Weston Nails Revenue’s Customer Service

Personal finance expert Charlie Weston has quite rightly taken umbrage at an insensitive letter he received from Revenue, following his father’s death.

He outlined his experience in his column in last weekend’s Sunday Independent.

Charlie’s concluding remarks are damning:

“Revenue officials are good at dealing with tax practitioners and the self-employed.

Where consumers are concerned, the tax authority is very poor.”

One might add that tax advisors and self-employed people are consumers too.

As a tax practitioner myself, I find Revenue’s customer service is usually quite good – this morning I received fantastic assistance from a relatively junior official in Dundalk Revenue who was extremely helpful in resolving a query – but occasionally it is very, very bad.

So much so, that I am often reluctant to advise customers to contact Revenue directly, in case their experience is similar to Charlie’s.

Charlie Weston

Charlie’s article is here. He is also well worth following on Twitter at @CWeston_Indo

The Revenue Customer Service Charter is here.

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