Next Tuesday is D-Day for Local Property Tax

The deadline for registering a property for the Local Property Tax (LPT) is next Tuesday, 28 May. Here’s what to do.:

You can register online here. You don’t need your Property PIN number to register, but registering will be easier and shorter if you first input your PIN.

Local Property Tax LPTIt should only take 5-10 minutes for you to register your property and select one of the following payment options:

•  Single Debit Authority; (debited on 21 July)

•  Deduction at source from a salary or occupational pension;

•  Deduction at source from  Department of Social Protection or Department of Agriculture payments.

•  Direct Debit (debited from 15 July)

•  Debit/Credit Card online (debit takes place immediately)  An additional surcharge will apply to credit card payments.

You will also need first to have decided on the value of your property.

You can use the Revenue’s own valuation guide for this purpose, or instead use the guide. Alternatively you can use your own judgment to arrive at your valuation. If in doubt, perhaps talk to your neighbours?

Once you have decided on the value of your property, you can calculate your liability by referring to the table here.

For more background on how the property tax works, see my recent blog post here:

Chartered Accountants Ireland have also produced this short and informative video on the Local Property Tax which you may find useful.