How to Complain to Revenue

Revenue have now published new Complaint and Review procedures that you can follow if you feel they have treated you unfairly or badly in the handling of your tax affairs.

There are three distinct stages to the process:

Stage 1: Make a formal Complaint to your local Revenue office.

Stage 2: If your complaint isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, you can request a Local Review, to be carried out by the Local or Regional/Divisional office Manager.

Stage 3:  If your complaint still remains unresolved you can (within 30 days) request a Review by an independent Internal or External Reviewer.

Revenue Complaint and Review Procedures

Revenue confirm that external reviews will be completed by a reviewer “selected from an external panel of suitably qualified experts with significant experience (a minimum of 10 years) at an appropriate senior level in legal, accountancy and/or related academic fields” and that they will be “recruited from open competition.”

Civil servants are NOT permitted to act as external reviewers.

Revenue won’t allow your complaint to proceed if:

  • they deem it vexatious or designed to delay or obstruct a Revenue audit, investigation or settlement.
  • collection enforcement proceedings have already begun.
  • it concerns civil penalties following an audit or investigation.
  • it relates to publication in a List of Tax Defaulters.
  • it involves Customs or Excise Duty matters.
  • it concerns a point of law and thus infringes upon the functions of the Appeal Commissioners and/or the Courts.

Revenue stress that the Complaint and Review Procedures does not interfere in any way with a customer’s right to take the case to

  • The independent Appeal Commissioners,  the independent appeal process under tax legislation.
  • The Ombudsman, who examines citizens’ complaints against public bodies.
  • The Equality Tribunal which handles allegations of discrimination under equality legislation.

The Complaint and Review Procedures are effective from 1 January 2013 and are outlined in a new Revenue Leaflet.

Separate Revenue leaflets C&E 5 & C&E 6 are available respectively for Appeals Procedures relating to Customs matters and payment of Excise Duty.


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