Apply online for Mortgage Interest Tax Relief

Did you know that the website includes a very handy online application form for Mortgage Interest Tax Relief  at Source (TRS)?

After you have made your first mortgage repayment, you can complete your TRS application online. Revenue will then process your application and instuct your mortgage lender of the tax relief due to you on each mortgage repayment.

Revenue caution that it can take “up to 8 weeks” for mortgage interest relief (TRS) credits to be applied to your account.

The online application form applies to most, but not all, mortgage lenders. In addition it does not apply to local authority or credit union mortgages. If your mortgage is excluded, you must complete a paper application.

I suggest that you read the Revenue guidelines before completing your application. Alternatively, you can contact the (in my experience, very helpful) Revenue TRS Section in Limerick at  1890 463626

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