Protect Yourself Against Tax Payment Fraud

July 15, 2016

I’ve only recently become aware of the Irish Tax Rebates service and know practically nothing about them, but they seem to be a highly reputable and professional company.

Still, I’m rather disturbed by their Facebook advert which shows a young lady holding a company cheque she received from them for her tax refund.

Irish Tax RebatesLady

You should never, EVER, allow the Revenue Commissioners to pay your tax refund to a middleman.

This is a basic protection against tax payment fraud and applies regardless of whether the middleman is a tax refund agency, another service provider, or even your trusted  accountant.

It’s far safer to have the taxman pay you, and for you to pay your accountant or agent fees separately.

Also, if you owe a tax bill to Revenue, you should always make your payment directly to Revenue. You should never, ever make a tax payment to an accountant, lawyer or other middleman.

It’s fine to give them a (preferably crossed) cheque made payable to the Revenue Commissioners or Collector General, but not one made out in their name.

Because if you do, and if they fail to pay it over to Revenue, all hell will break loose, and you could end up seriously out of pocket.

In the past, so many people have been badly ripped off by ignoring this basic rule.

Don’t risk becoming another victim of tax payment fraud.

VAT Refund Scheme boost for Farmers

April 5, 2011

Ireland’s farmers received a welcome boost today as Revenue announced an extension to the VAT refund scheme for farmers.

Farmers who are not VAT-registered can reclaim VAT paid by them on:

  • farm buildings
  • fencing and other fixed structures
  • land drainage and
  • land reclamation

VAT Refund Boost for Farmers


Today, a Revenue eBrief confirms that that VAT refunds may now be claimed in respect of

  • Concrete underpasses,  installed to facilitate the movement of livestock beneath a public road.
  • Hedgerows planted by a farmer for the purpose of stock proofing. This does not include hedgerows grown for decorative, ornamental or domestic shelter purposes.
  • Ploughing and re-seeding works completed as part of a land reclamation project.


Eligible farmers can claim VAT repayments on Form VAT58 in accordance with the  Value Added Tax (Refund of Tax) (No. 25) Order 1993, which is also online. Farmers may claim VAT refunds within four tax years of incurring the relevant expenditure.

Please note that this scheme does not apply to VAT-registered farmers, who may reclaim VAT on their regular VAT returns but are subject to VAT on sales of farming produce and livestock.