Income Tax returns can now be amended on ROS

September 3, 2010

The Revenue have just announced an important innovation for their ROS Tax Return system. For the first time, it is now possible to amend online a Form 11 Income Tax return that has previously been filed online on the ROS system.

Having tested the new facility today on ROS,  I have found it very simple and easy to use. I am convinced that it will be a very worthwhile and useful tool. It will save time, work and hassle for taxpayers, their accountants and indeed Revenue, in resolving minor glitches and omissions on filed tax returns.

Income Tax Returns can now be amended on ROS

To amend a return on ROS, just follow these steps:

  1. Log on to ROS
  2. In Client Services, click on the green ‘On-Line Return’ button
  3. Under ‘Tax Type’ select Income Tax and under “Return Type’ select Form 11. Then click ‘Next’
  4. You will then be taken through a series of screens, which are in the same format as the ROS online or offline modules for filing tax returns. You simply go to the relevant screen to make the amendment(s) to the previously submitted information.
  5. Finally, you select the ‘Sign and Submit’ function at the end, apply your ROS digital signature and submit the revised Tax Return to Revenue.

A new Revenue eBrief on this topic lists some other key points to note.

  • The Return Amendment facility is available only for Form 11 tax returns. It is not available for Form 1 or Form 1 (Firms) returns, nor (as yet) for other taxes.
  • It is available only via the ROS on-line facility.
  • It is available only for the tax year 2009 and subsequently.
  • Tax returns may only be amended by the person (tax payer or their agent) who filed the original return.
  • It is only possible to amend each return twice. Further changes are not allowed once two amended returns have been filed.
  • Not all Form 11 fields can be amended.  All ‘forbidden’ fields that cannot be changed will be ‘greyed out’.
  • If a return has been selected for Revenue audit, all fields will be ‘greyed out’ and no changes will be possible.
  • Revenue also point out that it will still be possible to request changes to tax return data by letter, email etc.

This is a very promising new feature for the ROS system. Hopefully it will be a success and will be extended to all categories of tax return in the near future.